How improved technology has impacted security

Most modern homes are full of smart technology in one form or another, such as smartphones, TVs and digital assistants. These smart devices are already being used to control heating and lighting in the home; therefore, it makes sense that that the home security market would want to follow suit, and this is exactly what manufacturers have been doing.

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There are already plenty of CCTV cameras on the market that you can view and control from your smartphone. According to an article in the Telegraph, these are one of the best visual deterrents you can install in your home and can make criminals think twice about targeting your house.

As we demand more and more from our personal technology, having separate apps to manage each function is seemingly no longer acceptable; now, consumers are looking for a single solution to manage everything.

Joined-up household management

This single app will enable consumers to view and move CCTV cameras, adjust the heating, turn on the air conditioning, switch the lighting on and off, and directly contact the police if the burglar alarm is activated. This gives them total control over what is happening in their home, no matter where they are.

This level of control will not only make your home more secure but also help to reduce household bills, as utilities will only be used when they are required and can be switched off remotely.

All-in-one security for small business

This type of system will also be useful for small- to medium-sized businesses, enabling owners to have complete control over their offices and factories when they are not on site.

Businesses should also consider endpoint security. This ensures that any device trying to access the company’s network meets a pre-set list of policies before it is allowed access, ensuring that only legitimate requests are granted. Endpoint security systems are available from companies such as

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There may be another benefit to this all-in-one software if insurance companies decide to offer discounts on insurance policies to homes and businesses that have installed this type of system, as several have already done with smart drive apps that monitor how safely a car is being driven.

Whether for your home or your business, it is clear that there are benefits to considering an all-in-one security system.