Mobile web developers can now display Google certification credentials

In an effort to provide web developers with a way to showcase their mobile-focused credentials, search giant Google has recently launched an official certification program targeted at this market segment.

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Costs and Rewards

The cost of the course that applicants must pass to achieve certification is $99 (£74) and requires that developers prove themselves over a series of tasks that put their coding skills to the test. Developers who fail to pass will be able to take two more attempts, and there is a comprehensive guide provided by Google to help prospective participants prepare.

Those who successfully earn accreditation as part of Google’s mobile development program will be endowed with a digital symbol that represents their achievements and can then be emblazoned upon their CV and any online profile they happen to use for work purposes.

Employer Advantages

On an individual basis, this Google-sanctioned mobile web development certification service will benefit individuals who want to improve their chances of being employed by larger organisations. It could also help freelancers and consultants who want to win contracts.

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From the point of view of agencies like, a professional web development company in London, being able to hire staff who are highly qualified and have the experience to prove their capabilities will have other advantages. It will let them demonstrate to clients that they are more than able to meet their development requirements and cater to modern platforms and devices.

Mobile Matters

For businesses looking to build websites that are impactful and competitive in the modern era, working with a developer or agency that can deliver compelling mobile-friendly results is important.

This is not just about optimising for search rank; it’s also about competing with the many changes that Google itself is making to the way results are displayed on mobile devices. With video previews coming to mobile search, the competition for users’ attentions is even tougher.

Google already has certification programs for developers who want to build apps for its Android mobile operating system, as well as for those who have other skills to demonstrate, whether they are in cloud computing or other forms of software engineering. Mobile web development is the obvious next step, and this is likely to become a popular course to take in the developer community.