The importance of excellent design to entice the web user

Building a website is a big undertaking and flawless design is essential to its success. Website development relies on design for easy navigation and comprehension.


Effective design is essential to websites as poor navigation deters visitors instantly.

Your website visitors need to able to access the relevant information without the hassle of being redirected to irrelevant pages. Buttons must take visitors to applicable pages and the pages themselves must be easy to navigate.

If the process of finding the required information involves too many steps, clicks or too much reading, you may see an elevated bounce rate; your bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that basically give up on their search and leave your website after only viewing one page. But if the page is enticing the visitor will click through and read rather than leaving to find what they are looking for somewhere else.


Content is essential to website development and it must be integrated into the design with tact. If there is too much content, people will not read all of it anyway and so the interface will just appear messy.

A digital marketing strategy is optimal if content is combined cohesively with the website design. The way people read has changed and your website content and design needs to take this into consideration.


The choice of font is important because content needs to be legible. If a web user struggles to read a font then that font is not a sound element in your digital marketing strategy. Font affects the design, navigation and content of a website.

Mobile-friendly websites

A website must be user-friendly on all devices. Now that everyone has a smartphone, not having a mobile-friendly website will seriously hurt your business. When a designer takes the different platforms into consideration during website development, the number of visits to your website will soar. Your bounce rate should also be low because the percentage of people using mobile devices is so high. If the website functions on all devices then there will be no need for users to leave the page due to poor design and its associated problems.

The best digital marketing agencies take all this and more into consideration when designing a website. Website development professionals working with a team of designers and content writers will boost business because of the quality and thoroughness of the design service. Good quality design helps a website to be information-driven, mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.