Most popular corridors for money transfer?

Every day, not hundreds, not thousands, not millions but billions of money is transferred online. This is done through the most popular corridors for money transfer in the whole wide world. A large portion of these funds transfers happens in Asia, America, and Africa.

The following article is based on those most popular corridors of money transfer that are helping many families and organizations to be more productive while cutting unnecessary costs and an easy way to earn for many freelancers as well. For a long time, people who were working abroad needed to send cash back to their families had only a few options to choose from. They had to resort to falling back on going to banks, post workplaces, or on a few number of remittance provider that are situated in physical office structures. Today, there are various choices accessible to any individual who needs to send money to anywhere on the planet at any given time.

To send money online, one must find a reliable and secure service provider. You must consult a service provider only after doing some research on them. Some of the most top ways of international funds transfer are:


InstaReM is a startup which inexpensively carries out cross border money transaction. Irrespective of the transaction amount, it offers inter-bank rates on all transaction. They charge their customers 1% or less transaction fees. It is the coolest way to transfer money to Asian countries, and they ensure that the customer saves money while using their services.

Western Union

What initially started in 1851 as an initiative for sending telegraphs, has now turned out to be one of the best-known landmark names for money transfer. Not with standing offering administrations over customary administration counters, Western Union likewise gives customer support by phone, smart phone, online managing account, or through their website. The Western Union has branches all over the world; all made possible because of the top-notch and reliable money remittance corridor that they provide. Their smartphone choice enables transfers to versatile wallets to developing markets, including Kenya’s M-Pesa.

Google Wallet

Google’s mobile payment solution, Google Wallet, enables clients to send or ask for money using Google mail. Any money transferred in and put away in the Google Wallet can be spent instantly or pulled back from an ATM utilizing the Google Wallet card. The assets can likewise be spent by using an Android smartphone to tap and pay at any store or online channels that support Google Wallet option. The money can also be transferred to the proprietor’s financial balance or another person.


Established in 2001, is an online worldwide money transfer corridor situated in San Francisco that enables clients to send money to loved ones in 30 different nations from the US utilizing their PC, tablet, or cell phone. Beneficiaries can get by conventional bank transfer, electronically, or through select money transfer accomplices. The organization started being a corridor for money transfer in mid-2013.

Amazon Payments

Amazon, a notable web-based business organization that began as an online bookshop, offers Amazon Payments to use its officially huge client base and offer online and portable installment administrations for online retailers. Its answer looks somewhat like PayPal, as Amazon Payments additionally enables clients to pay without having to re-enter installment and transportation data as of now put away by Amazon. Right now, Amazon Payments is just accessible in the US, the UK, India, and Germany. Amazon has not only made its presence known in the e-commerce field but has also started to make a name through their innovative technologies like Amazon GO and Amazon payments.

The Bottom Line

World Bank Economist published an article stating that outside the country, workers transferred more than $410 billion in 2013 to their nations of origin, more than three times than that of the authority responsible for sending to those countries. Suffice it to state; online payments business assumes a crucial part in the worldwide economy as the assets sent to families in developing markets is then spent in those nearby economies, supporting the neighborhood merchants and organizations.