Tips to Ensure Each E-Commerce Blog Makes a Big Impact

SEO plays a huge role for all e-commerce websites, directing web traffic and converting sales. Blogging is just one strategy, but in order to make the right impact, it needs to be very specific.

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The purpose and main points of the blog are identified in the title. Headings should contain keywords, be catchy enough to encourage readers to click on and, research suggests, around six words in length promotes the optimum click-through rates.


Potential and existing customers are the audience you want to attract. Your goal should be to convert potential customers into customers and to encourage existing customers to buy new products. If blog visitors are enjoying content but not converting, try to find out why. It might be that you are not sharing enough links to your products or the content isn’t quite interesting or engaging enough. Consider creating blog content about partner products – those which will benefit existing customers – alongside the products they already own.

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A blog is perfect for utilising keywords, as you have complete control. Research keywords and then use the ones most applicable. It is important to ensure these are included naturally and also that you do not put too many in. Over-stuffing content with keywords can actually have a negative SEO impact and makes it unappealing to customers. Google also disapproves and will categorise accordingly. Instead, ensure you include only the highest-quality relevant content, which adds value. A Dublin SEO agency, such as, can help.

SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions

A SEO title is not quite the same as a blog title. Keep the wording the same, but also include the brand. It should be optimised – clean as the gateway to the blog post itself.

The meta description outlines what follows. It’s a great way to increase the strength of your keywords, so include one or two in a natural style.


If you run a bricks-and-mortar company as well as an online one, having a local focus is essential. Including information about local events and businesses will increase views and local audience. You are getting it right if people begin to check your blog for local information as well as product-related guidance.

Call to Action

Always finish with a call to action.