Gold Buyers : The modern way to sell old gold items

Societies love for gold will ensure as long as we are alive, for thousands of years people from all cultures have valued gold above all else, and although today we mainly see gold in terms of gold jewellery, gold’s value is still unchanged for hundreds of years.

Wealth is often displayed today using gold jewellery, silver items, and diamonds. In some cases, even rare precious metals like platinum, palladium and rhodium are worn as jewellery or kept for value in bullion bars and coins.

Gold however is unique in its rarity, but also in its ease of casting, it can easily be formed to make gold jewellery and coins, it is also highly reactive, making it great for computer components and gold plating. This factor means that the majority of gold sold on the market does not have as high a premium added over the true value of the metal, hence as currency becomes more available, the value of gold rises in relation to this, what you buy with 1 ounce of gold today, is roughly the same you could have bought with an ounce of gold 100 years ago.

While we like to collect gold and gold jewellery, there comes times when the gold becomes faded, scratched, damaged or just simply out of date with modern fashion or requirements, at this point many people look to sell gold jewellery, this however has its own problems, as many small shopping strips with gold buyers shops located in them, only offer you around 30% to 60% of the true value of your gold.

Hence the best way to sell your gold is a reputable gold buyer, to do this, find out the true value of gold at the current market rate online, and then call around a few shops asking the price they pay for a 1 ounce bar of gold. Find the one that offers the closet to this and deal with them directly.

Finding old gold at home or in the workplace

The most common way to find gold at home is in the form of jewellery, old gold coins (anything pre-1960 often contains gold), sometimes people have small gold bullion bars and coins they collected decades earlier, which are often worth a lot more now.

The main way to make money from this gold is if you have held it for more than 10 years, it is likely worth more now that what you originally paid for it. The longer gold is held the higher the value will rise, as currency is constantly being printed, this means money itself looses value, but gold does not.

Other ways to find gold is in the workplace, if the IT department is throwing out old computers, you can remove the CPU microprocessors from these, and the pins underneath them are often made of pure gold. You can get upto 1 gram of gold per processor, this is upto $40 USD from each computer!

When getting cash for gold however, always remember to shop around and find the most trustworthy seller, ensure they pay the closest to the current gold price as possible, and reject any other companies who sell for far less.