Here’s How You Can Deliver an Irresistible Business Pitch

Once you have laid out your business plan, the most challenging, and honestly terrifying, parts of getting a start-up business going is getting an investor. Investors receive dozens of business pitches every single day, so the trepidation in starting your own search for an investor is quite understandable. For this reason, we try to inch our way into it rather than plunging in. For instance, if you are an Australian company, one of the first things you might do is to sign up for the ASIC search. This will enable both potential investors and customers to easily seek out information about your start-up.

But that just reduces the vetting time your investors will do to find out if you are a worthy investment; it will still boil down to your pitch and how you have delivered it. Here we will talk about how you can deliver an unforgettable pitch, one that investors will surely find irresistible.

Do not take too much time with the delivery

Never too much time when delivering your pitch, because it then becomes tedious to listen to. It is important to be concise so you can allow them to ask questions afterward. It would be best to include only the nature of the business and why it was conceived; other information will be filled in with their questions. Be confident while speaking in front of them; remember that you know your business inside and out; you have all the information for any question they will throw at you.

Try to create a narrative for it

One way to make a pitch less boring or more unique is to tell your pitch as if you are telling a story. A narrative will almost always catch people’s attention, and it is no different in the dragon’s den.

Hit important points in your pitch

Other than keeping your pitch concise, another way to show investors that you appreciate them for taking their time with you is to mention these things in your pitch during the time they have allotted for you:

  • What is the product and what is so unique about it
  • Target market and how you go about attracting them
  • Revenue model being adapted

Avoid talking endlessly about the product, just limit it to what it is and what problem it is addressing. Hit these points and your investor will definitely show interest.

Show enthusiasm

This is your business and you want it to succeed, there is not any kind of motivation that is better than that. So show that same enthusiasm to the investors so that they can see how passionate you are in starting this.

Keep these important things in mind when you are writing your first investment pitch, and for sure you will get an offer in no time.