4 Important Items of Information Customers Can Find on Product Labels

As a business owner selling products, it is important that you put emphasis on the product labels. This is not just for compliance with the law, but to also help your customers. After all, you want them to appreciate your products. Everything starts with what they see on the label. Here is some of the information that your customers will get if they check the labels.

  1. Nutritional facts. If you are selling food, you need to be truthful about the nutritional facts. This includes the amount of nutrients per serving or the ingredients that were used. There are customers who are very conscious about what they put in their mouth. You can convince them to buy your products more if you are truthful about the nutritional facts. If they are turned off because of it, at least you were honest.
  2. How the product is used and recycled. This is also a good way to save the environment. You need to let your customers know if the package can be used again. For instance, if it is a bottle, you can tell them that it is actually recyclable and in what way the container can be recycled. If the container has to be disposed of immediately or if it contains hazardous chemicals, it is important to let them know too.
  3. How the product is to be transported. This is not for your customers but for the people delivering the product. They need to know if the boxes contain fragile items. For instance, if the container is breakable, they have to be extra careful. This is for your business too. Otherwise, your product might be damaged before it even reaches the market.
  4. Warning signs. You have to be honest on the label and if you need customers and handlers to be warned, you should. If they still decide to buy your product, it is their choice and not yours. The point is you let them know if there are things that they have to be cautious of. Usually, cigarettes come with warning signs and so does liquor. This tells the consumers the dangers of consuming certain products.

Once you have decided what to write on the product labels, you can focus on finding a company with the best labelling machines. It is important that the labels are clear. The label will also be the first thing a buyer will check. If the words and images are clear, they will make the right decision. If the label looks dull and cheap, they might think your product is of low quality. This is why you have to be careful in choosing the company for labelling the products you sell.


Image via freedigitalphotos.net (holohololand)