Business Safety Checklist for Avoiding Personal Injury

For business establishments, the thought of a worker’s compensation claim is a nightmare that should be avoided at all cost. When one of your employees gets injured on the job, the resulting medical costs could pile up and dig a deep hole in your business’ pocket. Aside from getting the help of a law firm, such as Dolman Law Group, it would be better if you’ll be able to prevent these injuries from happening, and here’s how.

1. Preventing Slip and Fall Injuries
Preventing slip and fall injuries within the business premises isn’t that difficult at all. You need to make sure that the common areas where your workers and employees go to are well lit. The use of slip-resistant rubber where appropriate is also ideal. For example, those who are managing a restaurant should consider the use of rubber mats in their kitchen and make sure that the spills would be wiped as soon as possible.

2. Educate Employees About Ergonomics
Another common cause of workplace accidents is brought by repetitive stressed caused by common activities, such as looking at the computer screen for hours, typing, and using the mouse. Although this may seem harmless at first, if done regularly, it can also cause personal injury to the person.

3. Offer Safety Equipment
See to it that your employees have the safety equipment needed for their job, and they fully understand the importance and how to use these properly. For example, those who oversee moving heavy things, or loading and unloading of shipment should have back braces. This would give you the assurance that your workers are protected against back injuries that often happens when lifting heavy things.

4. Be Updated with the New Hazards
Being updated and educating your employees about the new hazards and how to avoid them can be quite helpful in the long run. Believe it or not, sometimes, technology could also cause safety hazards– just like how the use of the computer for several hours could be harmful to one’s health. Also, make sure to always remind your employees to focus on their work and avoid getting distracted, as this can always trigger accidents.

5. Promote a Culture of Safety
A business should show their employees that safety is their main priority. Through this, you’ll be able to encourage your workers to be cautious always. For instance, if your employees are always in a hurry, accidents become very usual. Thus, you should remind them to follow the procedures, and it’s alright to work a little slower, if they’d be able to ensure their safety.

Keep in mind, the cost you’re going to spend on these workers become injured would definitely be a lot. That means, it would be better to allow them to work a little slower, as long as you’d know they’d be safe.

6. Have a Written Policy
A written policy is like a manual that would serve as a guideline for your employees and workers to follow. It’s a great way to instruct the employees how to properly use equipment and safety procedures always.