You should use a VPS in these three scenarios

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a machine that runs a duplicate operating system (OS) and is sold by hosting companies as a service. A VPS is an alternative to a dedicated physical server, with similar functions, but generally priced significantly lower than a dedicated server. Here are three scenarios when a VPS would be an advisable option.

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1. You want the freedom to install/uninstall applications

A VPS is the perfect solution for those wanting more technical flexibility than shared hosting offers, but for whom getting their own server is just too expensive. With a VPS, you have the freedom to install and uninstall software applications, create accounts as you wish and customise your server environment. Though you have your dedicated space, you don’t need to worry about the physical maintenance of the server, as it in fact belongs to and is shared by others.

A VPS is also a viable option for businesses who want some or all of the features offered by dedicated servers, but don’t have the resources to supporte or store the piece of equipment. For a list of the best VPS hosting companies of 2016, see

2. You want more space of your own

If you have outgrown your shared hosting and you think you need more space to play with, a VPS could help, by giving flexibility and scope. Similarly, anyone who uses significant bandwidth and finds that their website is often on a go-slow may find that VPS is the solution for them. With a shared website hosting plan, you literally are sharing everything, even down to disk space.

While hosting companies will do their utmost to keep your data safe, they can never be certain that networks are trustworthy. Security checks and other testing measures should be carried out to ensure the safety and reliability of your website or software. BugFinders offers a commercial software testing service designed to identify any flaws (

3. You rely heavily on your website

If you rely on your website for your business operations, you should consider looking into setting up a VPS, to be confident in its perfect performance. Being on a shared web hosting plan means that your site could be affected by other companies’ websites, particularly if they have very high traffic.