Services Offered By Insulation Contractors in Ottawa

Insulation is a very vital component of any commercial or residential property as it normally enhances its energy efficiency, which in turn helps in reducing the energy costs. When insulating your property, it is important to look for experienced insulation contractors who use top quality products to effectively execute their work. The products used should be safe for your family, your property and the environment.

Services Offered By Insulation Contractors in Ottawa

If you are in Ottawa, you can find well-established companies that offer a wide range of insulation services to clients in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. These companies have a team of professionals with industry-based knowledge and skills to handle both small and mega insulation-based projects efficiently, based on the clients’ needs. Moreover, these contractors are always working hard to be at par with the most recent technological advancements in the industry. Some of the services they offer include:

1. Insulation Services

When it comes to insulating your property, the quality of the products and the techniques used matter a lot. Some of the best contractors use superior quality products and advanced techniques to execute their work, which guarantees you long-lasting results. Some of their insulation techniques include:

I. The Blower Method: Here cellulose is applied on the surface to be insulated. It is the best way to refill potentially harmful holes and crevices. Moreover, your home or property will also attain optimal thermal resistance, as well as noise absorption. Furthermore, the cellulose has treated fibers, which resist combustion and deterioration.

II. Sprayed Polyurethane: This technique involves spraying of lightweight polyurethane foam on the surface that is to be insulated. It is the best method for areas that require large coverage and it guarantees you long-term durability. Moreover, the material that is used is rigid, has a closed cellular structure and allows for seamless application.

III. Pipe Insulation: This is a single-seam cylindrical insulation technique which is mainly used to provide thermal insulation for exposed or concealed piping. It offers optimum protection for cold and hot service piping. Moreover, the method offers fire resistance, eliminates moisture damage, heat loss and air leaks.

2. Abatement Services

I. Asbestos Removal/Abatement: Even though it has been used as a building material for long, asbestos poses serious health risks to people. For instance, when inhaled it can cause respiratory problems and even cancer. For this reason, it is important to look for professional asbestos removers when doing renovation or demolition work. They will test for traces of asbestos and upon ascertaining its presence; they will safely remove and dispose of it.

II. Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation (UFFI) Abatement: UFFI is another banned material because of its suspected health hazards as it normally emits harmful gases. If you suspect its presence, these specialists can come and do dosimeter testing to determine the levels of formaldehyde in your building before removing it.

III. Vermiculite Removal: Vermiculite is another popular insulation material that is loved because of its properties. However, most of it comes from areas that are near asbestos deposits. If you suspect that your vermiculite insulation is contaminated with asbestos, these contractors can help. Those specialists that are renowned for effective removal of vermiculite in Ottawa will test it and if it is contaminated, they will safely remove and get rid of it.

Other services that are offered by these insulation contractors include mould and lead abatement. They also offer soda blasting for removing coatings and insulation removal services. Whether want to insulate your building so as to boost its energy efficiency, or simply want to remove asbestos, UFFI, mould or vermiculite in Ottawa, these specialists can help.