Tips for Choosing a Good Paving Contractor in Markham

Paving a driveway or a parking lot requires a professional. Some people choose to do such projects on their own, but this is unwise. Concrete works are best handled by people specialized in this field. Besides installation works, paving contractors also offer residential and commercial concrete repairs. Choosing a paving contractor can be tricky. There are many paving contractors in Markham but not all can be trusted. Some are just out to take advantage of innocent clients. Here are tips for choosing a good paving contractor for your residential or commercial project.

Choose a Reputable Company

Before hiring a paving contractor, ensure that they have a good reputation in your area. There are several ways to determine this. The first one is to ask for recommendations from your friends, relatives and work associates. Those among these people who have engaged paving contractors in Markham before should be in a position to give you information on the companies to hire and those to avoid.

The Internet is another place to find out if a company has a good reputation or not. There are various sites with information and ratings on different paving contractors in Markham. Read client reviews on different contractors and avoid those contractors with many negative comments.


Before engaging a company for residential or commercial concrete repairs, ask how long they have been in this business. It is recommended that you hire contractors with at least five years of experience as they are likely to provide high quality services. No paving contractor would last that long if their services were less than perfect.


Licensing is an important factor when hiring a paving contractor. There are many scammers in this business today, so do not assume anything. Ensure that the document presented is authentic. Contact the relevant licensing authorities for confirmation if you have doubts. You can even contact the Better Business Bureau to check if there are any client complaints or disciplinary action against a potential contractor.


Cost varies from one paving contractor to another. Comparing prices from different contractors is the best way to get a reasonable price. However, avoid contractors who offer residential and commercial concrete repairs at extremely low prices, as this could be a sign of substandard services. But remember, overpricing services does not always guarantee high quality. If a contractor is way too expensive or ridiculously cheap, avoid them.

Customer Service

When hiring a contractor for commercial concrete repairs, choose one with great customer service. The company should treat you with respect and this can be shown in the manner they answer your calls and how they address your questions. You should be comfortable with the contractor. Besides professionalism, a good paving contractor should be friendly to clients.


Choosing a paving contractor does not have to be a challenging task if you know what to look for. The important thing is to conduct some research to get the best paving contractors in Markham. Ensure that you hire someone with a good balance of licensing, experience, customer service, reputation and affordable cost.