Choosing a Mastectomy Bra

If you have gone through a mastectomy recently, then you are likely to have found it an upsetting and distressing experience. You might have had a lengthy recovery and been in so much pain, but mostly it is the changed body image that most women find the most difficult to adapt to. The scars will be physical, as well as psychological, and it is crucial to do everything you can so as to feel normal and feel good again.

Mastectomy refers to the removal of both, or one breast, and this is mostly as a result of cancer. This procedure changes the body image when one loses one or both breasts. Most women look for a way to make this less obvious to the public. Fortunately, you can achieve the desired look by using mastectomy bras in Ottawa. These bras are designed to help women deal with the result of the surgery by helping their breasts look as they did before the surgery.

Mastectomy bras have a small area included that works as a pocket or “pouch” which holds the prosthetic breast, therefore enlarging the appearance of both or one breast. The prosthetic breasts work better than stuffing a bra with tissue. Besides, they are made of the right weight and consistency, and often have a “nipple”. Like with chemo hats, one must choose the right mastectomy bra to fit them. A good mastectomy bra will make you forget you are wearing one, and nobody will realize.

Comfort is the main consideration to make when buying a mastectomy bra. To get a comfortable bra, ensure that the material is right. Breathable materials, those made from fabrics like rayon, cotton and silk, are soft and less irritable. These will allow your skin to breathe, and are less absorbent, meaning they will feel lighter and not cause too much sweating under your prosthetic. Also, check the inside for stitches and seams which can itch or scratch the skin. Comfort matters, even when choosing chemo hats.

Some mastectomy bras in Ottawa are made particularly for post surgery, meaning they are soft and comfortable enough to be worn immediately after trauma. You can ask the hospital staff or your doctor who will be able to suggest a good bra for this purpose. You might even choose to use these bras permanently, even after you have recovered, just for the extra comfort.

Look carefully into the materials you will use to fill the mastectomy bras. These are “breast forms” or prosthetics and they are available in many varieties, just like actual breasts. Different materials vary in weight, feel, appearance and price. If you can afford it, buy various forms of prosthetics for different occasions.

Finally, choose a mastectomy bra that looks good. You will need several for different events, just as you would normally. Instead of trying to hide your new breasts, try to come to terms with the situation by still purchasing well-designed and attractive bras. Just like normal bras, mastectomy bras in Ottawa come in all shapes, sizes, materials and colours from sexy pink silky numbers to black lacy ones.