More Electric Cars Registered in 2018 Than Ever Before

When electric cars were first released, many people were unsure about them, but now they are more popular than ever before. In fact, around 60,000 electric and hybrid cars were registered for the road in 2018, which is the seventh year of growth in a row for the industry.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the rise of electric cars in the United Kingdom.

Electric and Hybrid Cars Are on the Rise

Electric and hybrid cars are clearly on the rise, and it is clear to see why. After all, people care more about the environment now than ever before, and people are also more informed about the negative effects of normal cars.

But the numbers are still surprising: there has been a nearly 20% increase in car sales compared to 2017, which shows a massive leap. It is worth noting that most of these cars are plug-in hybrids (around 74%), but it still means that over 15,000 electric cars were sold in 2018, which is a 14% increase compared to 2017. This shows significant growth over the last year.

The highest demand for the environmentally friendly cars was found in the South East of England; over a third of the new car registrations were in this area. In fact, over 21,000 vehicles were registered in this area alone!

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2019 Expected to See Even More Growth

So electric and hybrid cars are more popular than ever before, and it is likely that they will grow even more popular over the next decade. After all, people aren’t going to stop caring about the environment any time soon.

But that isn’t the only reason: electric cars are also becoming more affordable, so they are an option for more people. They are also available in more designs, styles and colours, so it is likely that they appeal to even more people.

And even more new models are set to be released over the coming year, including affordable models that are designed for people who have a budget. So it is likely that electric cars will continue to go from strength to strength.

Characteristics of Healthy and Comfortable Office Chairs


Are you looking for a kind of office chairs Dubai? It should not be so difficult actually. Out of from many shops, there must be the most recommended one. However, it is not the only matter. Regarding the products, it is a must to choose the best and the qualified ones. Good office chairs tend to be more durable and not easily damaged. It means that you can use it for a longer time. Besides, it also has some benefits like in term of comfort and design not easily found in any other chairs. Sure, to know whether the chairs are qualified or not, there are some certain indicators. Here they are.

The Price

It doesn’t mean that you are forced to buy an expensive chair. Just make it necessary to your budgets. But undeniably, expensive price commonly indicates that the product is better than the cheaper one. it is recommended to save your money up to buy the more expensive product rather than buy it in a hurry but you feel disappointed later. You can also ask the shop owner or see the review about the benefits and lacks of a certain chair. If it is worth to buy, it seems no matter to spend some more money.

The Functions

You also need to see what your job desks are. It is to determine what kind of chairs to be chosen while you are in the shop. Are you sitting in front of computer? Are you only writing? Do you spend your job all day long? And there are still many questions you must ask to yourself before choosing one chair. Yes, you may need a different type of chairs. If you need to type a lot but also write and then move from one spot to another, sure, you will need chairs with wheel. Meanwhile, chair with tall back is definitely needed if you often work from the morning to night. Sometimes, you may need to take a rest a little bit on your own chairs.

Adjustable Chairs

Whatever you work, it seems that the adjustable chair is the most suggested ones. This chair enables you to set up particularly the height, armrest, and back positions. It is mainly to let you feel more comfortable for sure. Indeed, the height must be different from one person to another; therefore, the comfort zone on the chair must be different also. More than that, it prevents you from some health problems occurred on the backbone and bloodstream system.

The Upholstery

Working chairs must have good and soft upholstery. Indeed, whatever the upholstery, there is no effect if you must sit there for a really long time. But at least, if it is quite thick, the problems like pain and fatigue can just be avoided. A good upholstery should also be easily cleaned and water resistant. It enables you to simply wipe it when the chair is wet or something. When the liquid is absorbed so easily, it lets troubles like fungi or bacteria to grow up.

SUBOTECH BG1508 The One Best of Monster Truck RC Car

RC toys are suitable for almost anyone. But when you step up to a hobby-grade RC, it can require more time and patience to develop the skills to successfully operate and care for the vehicle. An entry level RC cars or truck has features suitable for those new to radio controlled vehicles.

There are two specific features to look for in an entry-level RC cars or truck: RTR and electric.


An RTR or Ready-to-Run RC cars or truck usually comes with everything you need to get started right in the box.

The vehicle is mostly put together—you might have to attach the body and glue the tires but that’s usually about it. You can be up and running in as long as it takes to charge up a battery pack. Whether or not you choose a vehicle specifically designated as an entry-level RC, look for a RTR over a kit.


An electric RC has a motor that runs off a battery pack. For the beginner, the electric RC is generally safer and easier to maintain than a nitro-fueled RC. And even in the Ready-to-Run category, an electric RC requires less assembly and prep time than a nitro RC.


Beyond an electric RTR, the other features suitable in an entry-level RC for beginners depend on how much you’re willing to spend, how and where you plan to use the RC, and what you like: sedan, sports cars, drifting cars, monster truck, buggy, truggy, stadium truck, etc.

SUBOTECH BG1508 Monster Truck RC Car

Features of SUBOTECH BG1508

  • Outfitted with high depth motor.
  • Ready to perform and no assembly needed.
  • Standard servo for higher maneuverability.
  • Distress absorbing bumper system enhance long service life.
  • 2.4G supporting a variety of handy remote control about 50 meters.
  • Product configuration standard steering maneuverability, playability.
  • Four-wheel independent suspension system well suited for various racing games.
  • Great shock absorption and collision avoidance design provided longer service life.
  • – The body structure, vehicle components, rocker arm, are used nylon materials executive, gear made of zinc alloy.

Specifications of SUBOTECH BG1508

  • Brand name: SUBOTECH
  • Brand model: BG1508
  • Materials: Plastics
  • Charger plug: US Plug
  • Scale: 1/12
  • Color: Red
  • Drive System: 4 steering wheel drive
  • Remote control frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Highest rate: 35km/h

How to Get More Leads from Craigslist

If you are not yet using Craigslist to support your business, you are missing an opportunity to utilize a very powerful platform to support your business and even worse, you are left behind from your competitors. Craigslist is an online platform you can never ignore. This online classified website is very popular that many people are looking for many information about products and services from there. This platform is also proven to be effective as a marketing tool. Using the classified at this platform, you can make your business visible to prospective customer.

Craigslist has different sections dedicated to different categories. One of the powerful features of Craigslist is there are many categories focusing on certain local area. It is designed to make people easily find what they need in their local area. Don’t forget that although this is the era of globalization, the most important market for your business is still the local market. Reaching prospective local customers will help you get more prospective sales leads and it will help your business to grow. Using Craigslist, you can place the right ads on the right classifieds’ section on certain local area to focus on the most prospective market.

Of course, it won’t be as easier as it seems. You can just place one ad in one classified category. You need to determine which threads and categories are the most prospective ones to place your ads and don’t forget, it requires continuous update the post to keep it highly visible to the classified or category visitors. It won’t be easy to be Craigslist Ad Poster responsible for this kind of campaign. It would require many resources and a lot of time to manage the ad posting on multiple categories and threads at Craigslist. As a small business, you may not have the resource for this. But it doesn’t mean you can’t optimize this powerful platform to support your marketing campaign. You can always hire posting service for this platform.

I believe you already realize the real power of Craigslist and the prospect this platform can deliver to your business. That’s why you need to handle this very seriously. For marketing campaign on Craigslist, you need the best service provider and there’s no better name to recommend than Cheap Craigslist Posting Service. This is the leading service provider specializing in ad posting on Craigslist at the most affordable rate. But it isn’t just another provider of this kind of service. This one offers you many advantages and superior services.

Cheap Craigslist Posting Service is ready to help your marketing campaign with its expert ad posting service. It has professional team dedicated to the campaign preparing the right strategy on which thread and category to post the ad, scheduling the posting, tracking and follow up the post, and many more. This team can handle bulk post and multiple categories seamlessly with proven result. You will notice significant increasing on sales leads. Don’t miss this great opportunity. Visit the website to learn more.

Principles of Consumers’ Behavior

In this article, you will understand under which kind of pressure people make choice.

Consumer’s Logic: Basis for Marketing

Even if you are not a businessman or producer, you definitely think of choices you have made in your life. Earlier we wrote about specialties of consumer behavior in social networking and explained why sport became a second religion. Here you will know why consumers’ behavior is still an unexplored field, but it is very powerful tool for entrepreneurs in marketing. The psychology of buying is a deep science, which everyone faces during his or her life.

Color and Emotion

Do you remember when in childhood your friend often asked you about your favorite color? Probably, your boyfriend knows about the kind of flowers you adore or your wife stably buys you blue shirts. Other people want to know the palette of colors you like because they can bring you pleasure in different ways. The same story is happening in the psychology of choosing a wrap. Women like red lipstick, dresses, heels, cars and other stuff because such color excites our java. All doctors have the white or at least light uniform because sociologists counted that we trust people in white more than in black. We can hate or adore a type of captions and be anxious about the logo of some company. Look at your chat – there you will find funny smiles or stickers. Do not relax, as these are the triggers, which influence our psychology. Colors are connected with our emotions and producers try to put passion in any kind of product, and this should be used in marketing.

Profitable Lack

Each person wants to feel special, but not all can find their uniqueness inside. You can see it even on the example of sharing information. Psychologists say that we read and consume extra information for telling it to other people. If you do not have someone to show it, you might not want it at all. If in social networking people will not see from whom they get likes, they would not feel value. There is a season menu in each restaurant. Of course, in some way it is created to use popular products of this period. However, it is made to make people think they will never try it if do not buy the dish immediately. For example, such successful and profitable marketing strategy applies to the seasonal menu and extra propositions. People want to have something limited even if this Christmas overcharges cacao from McDonald’s.


Producers like to raise the price of the production as a marketing means to make it more valuable. And people want to feel valuable and to have prestigious things around them. Nowadays, there is some cult of coffee and you can enjoy it in every corner of the city. But young people, who are studying and working, usually sit in a café with minimalistic design and very expensive coffee. Also, there are hundreds of types, sorts, and variations of the drink. It seems there is something wrong in the psychology of people, who are ready to pay enormous money just for a cup of strange coffee. However, young people like such places because there they can get values. Earlier they haven’t been told about the necessity of good Wi-Fi, comfortable seats, plenty of sockets and fashionable audience around, and now all these become the tools of marketing. Research on this may be ordered at

Feeling of Involvement

Several decades ago, the meaning of word ‘’volunteer’’ was not known. Such unpaid variant of profession became popular because all of us psychologically want to be a part of something. For sure, there are people, who treat the society with prejudice and do not trust unfamiliar people. However, the phenomenon of volunteering started to spread because everyone wanted to be a part of something important. Such a tool is called involving. Psychologists are convinced that when someone says to a person that his contribution is valuable, the communication is immediately established. That it is why businessmen worry about a comment on their goods and ask each buyer about a review to develop the best marketing strategy.