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What to Expect from an AV Rental Company

What exactly do audiovisual rental companies do? What do they offer? Are their services relevant to you? If you have just encountered the term AV rental, the following should help you get acquainted with it, along with the different associated services.

An overview

Businesses that specialise in the AV business are often referred to as event production companies or audiovisual rental service providers. They handle or provide support for the staging of concerts, presentations, and other activities that require sound and lighting support. They play a critical role in achieving the desired outcome of an event. No event, especially the larger ones, can be successful without the right audiovisual elements. Imagine how a concert would turn out if the speakers and lighting used malfunctioned.

Services provided

There are at least three types of services provided by AV rental companies: audio, visual (and lighting), and scenic.

Audio services are about the rental of speakers, microphones, amplifiers, PA systems, and other sound-related equipment used in an event. Usually, these services already include the setup and tuning. Most AV rental companies see to it that the setup they provide is optimised to deliver the best sound quality and acoustics. Even high-quality sound equipment will not sound good if it is not correctly set up.

Visual services cover everything that involves light and images. These include various lighting installations, from the spotlights to the beam projectors, scoop lights, PAR lights, strip lights, LED stage lights, Fresnel lanterns, and ambient lighting. Visual solutions also include giant LED displays and monitors that may be added to different parts of the venue. Just like the audio equipment, all of these have to be properly installed to get the most out of them. Some companies separate the lighting solutions in a different category (separate visual and lighting services). Both appeal to the sense of sight, though, so they are roughly the same category.

The scenic services, on the other hand, are mostly about accessories and accentuation. In general, they are services that are not classified as audio or video. They are supplied to make the staging of an event more appealing. These include the installation of a dazzling backdrop for a stage, the ornaments adorning the venue, bubble and smog generators, streamers, and accessories that may be given to some members of the audience. AV rental companies may also supply a conference set suitable for an event, stands, and 3D accessories. It’s not just about the audio and video. There are additional services available to help create the best possible event experience.

If your company or organisation is planning an activity that involves a large crowd and venue, consider going to an AV rental company. There’s no need to go through the hassle of finding and setting up your sound and lighting equipment. You can ask an event staging or production specialist to get everything done according to how you want things to be conducted. They can customise sets and provide additional accessories and equipment to make your event more memorable.



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What is a bitcoin wallet?

Basically, a bitcoin wallet is a software program that is used to store Bitcoins. This wallet allows the user to send, receive and save Bitcoins safely. Once you have some balance in your Bitcoin wallet you will receive a private key a for every Bitcoin address that is saved in your Bitcoin wallet.

It is important to note that there is no Bitcoin transaction that can be performed without a private key. The Bitcoin wallet software can be run easily on a computer device or smart phone. If you are looking for a way to store Bitcoins safely you can find more here. You should note that there are various kinds of bitcoin wallet and each one has some specific requirements of usage.


This is a great option for people that use Bitcoins on a daily basis for different reasons such as regular trading. It is an application which operates in a smart phone. You should note that this applications stores your private keys and allows you to pay for products or services from your phone using Bitcoins. Web

This form allows you to use Bitcoins from a web browser. It is advisable that you choose a web bitcoin wallet carefully because it stores the private keys online. This will help you minimize the risk of online fraud.


It is possible to download a desktop bitcoin wallet and install it in your computer. This option will offer you a complete control over your wallet. You can create a crypto-coin account address that you will use to send and receive the bitcoins.


This form is quite unique from the rest. It is an offline device that has proven to be the most secure form of bitcoin wallet. This is because they store your private keys offline and therefore cannot be hacked. You can access the wallet in your computer at any time you want.

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Are love psychic readings a waste of your time?

It is now beyond doubt that love psychic reading has become among the most popular search engine inquires. You are probably aware that many people are interested in knowing how their love life is progressing. Is he honest with me? Will we get married? Will our relationship endure? You will need the skills of a psychic to know how the events might turn out in the future.

There are many people that are worried about how the relationship will evolve. Unfortunately, the dynamics of how things work does not offer a clear picture of what will happen next. You will realize that you only know how you feel about your partner without being completely certain about they feel about you. Being in such circumstances leads to the development of suspicion that someone else might be involved. This kind of suspicion that people have when in a relationship is commonly known as insecurity. It has been a source of heartache and pain to those that have not been able to deal with quickly. One of the most advisable way of dealing with these insecurities is going through a powerful love psychic reading.

The most notable attribute about love psychic readings is the cryptic messages they have. The advice is presented by pointing out some specific elements in your love life that require modification. This can be hard to accomplish because most people are afraid of making changes. A sincere psychic will grasp the information in these messages and use them in resolving the dilemmas you are going through in your relationships. You should however note that they are all simply possibilities and not perfect solutions. You should also use your own mind before you take action upon these messages. You are the master of your own fate.

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What You Need to Consider When Moving Your Office

While many people think that moving to a new home is one of the most stressful things that they can ever do, this just means that they haven’t had to move their business. It’s normal for businesses to face a move because of changing needs. This is a daunting prospect, but, as long as you plan ahead and are prepared as much as possible for your move, then you can make sure that you don’t go over budget and that you meet your timeline. These four tips will help make your upcoming move as easy as possible.

  • Consider Your Location

When considering where you want to relocate to, it’s important to make sure that your key customers will still be able to easily access you. While some customers may still come to visit you if you are farther away from them, it can be difficult to keep customers loyal to you when they expected to make a longer commute. This means that you will have to target new customers, which can be very expensive. Moving your business to a location with other bustling businesses can help drive new customers to your door and keep your employees happy.

  1. Have a Leader in Charge of the Move

Here at PRTR in Bangkok we have a large team with many division heads, for our move to happen smoothly, it is a good idea to have one person in charge of the move. They will serve as a contact person for any external movers you hire and will help to alleviate fears and concerns that your employees may have. Because they will be charged with keeping the move on schedule, you need to make sure that you give this responsibility to a leader who is able to make decisions on behalf of your company.

  1. Be Careful When Designing Your New Space

When you move to a new location, you are given a great opportunity to redesign the space of your offices if you desire. If your employees do not have quiet areas in the office, as well as spaces where they can interact with others, they are likely to be very stressed and not be able to complete team work as easily.

  1. Be Prepared or You Will Fail

No matter why you are planning a move, it’s important that you are clear when discussing the reason with employees and customers. You need to plan ahead to make sure that you have information about your current lease and any obligations you will need to settle before you move. Additionally, try to avoid planning major activities around the time of your move to reduce stress. Having a budget is important and will help you move without spending more money than you meant to.

A move is a great way to enjoy more space, relocate closer to your ideal customers, and improve performance of your employees. It’s important that you keep your staff informed when making decisions regarding a move and that they feel valued during the process so that they stay happy and supportive during this time.


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Reasons Why Packaging is Important

No matter how much you try to promote your product- if the packaging looks unattractive or meaningless people will never try it. The package is the first experience your customers will have with your product, and it is also your chance to get their attention in the supermarket. It will affect the way customers perceive your product’s value, functionality, and will also help them remember it.


The notion of value refers to both the perceived worth of the product and what makes it unique. You’ll notice many lower-price brands using “premium” packaging to convince customers that they’re getting more value for their money. A bigger, shinier, sleeker package attracts more attention than a plain, smaller one at the same price, despite having the same content inside. Similarly, a container with a feature that makes it easier to open will stand out among products that don’t have such a feature. Packaging that you can repurpose into something else, regardless of if the buyer intends to recycle it, displays more value than a wrapper that can only be thrown away afterwards.


In some instances, the functionality of your package helps gravitate your customer towards it. A customer, for example, is more likely to buy preserved food that comes in cans, which are more durable than plastic bags, because they’re less prone to damage and contamination even though they have the same preservation capabilities. If it’s a product that is meant to be stocked up, boxes that can be easily stacked in storage and provide other benefits like saving space will mean more to a customer than a regular square box.


Everyone is familiar with the Coca-Cola bottle shape. Because of its unique, timeless design, anyone can recognise a Coca-Cola bottle whether by sight or by touch. Other brands have colours strongly attached to them. For example, Tide owns the colour orange in the detergent industry, while red and yellow make people think of McDonald’s. In both instances, the companies chose these colours because of their ability to attract. Red, yellow, and orange are some of the most eye-catching colours. Your product typically only has a few seconds to call someone’s attention as they pass by, so strong colours will win but keep in mind that the colour and the overall design must also match your brand. Don’t make your package red just because it works for McDonald’s! Communicating your brand identity with your overall packaging design is essential. Make it iconic and memorable, and people will keep returning to it.

Designing packaging can entail as much work and research as the product itself. To have genuinely successful packaging, aside from keeping the contents safe, you must also learn your customer’s behaviour in places where your product appears, plus be memorable. Bespoke packaging helps; unique packaging will give your product its own identity in a sea of competing products.




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