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How to Get More Leads from Craigslist

If you are not yet using Craigslist to support your business, you are missing an opportunity to utilize a very powerful platform to support your business and even worse, you are left behind from your competitors. Craigslist is an online platform you can never ignore. This online classified website is very popular that many people are looking for many information about products and services from there. This platform is also proven to be effective as a marketing tool. Using the classified at this platform, you can make your business visible to prospective customer.

Craigslist has different sections dedicated to different categories. One of the powerful features of Craigslist is there are many categories focusing on certain local area. It is designed to make people easily find what they need in their local area. Don’t forget that although this is the era of globalization, the most important market for your business is still the local market. Reaching prospective local customers will help you get more prospective sales leads and it will help your business to grow. Using Craigslist, you can place the right ads on the right classifieds’ section on certain local area to focus on the most prospective market.

Of course, it won’t be as easier as it seems. You can just place one ad in one classified category. You need to determine which threads and categories are the most prospective ones to place your ads and don’t forget, it requires continuous update the post to keep it highly visible to the classified or category visitors. It won’t be easy to be Craigslist Ad Poster responsible for this kind of campaign. It would require many resources and a lot of time to manage the ad posting on multiple categories and threads at Craigslist. As a small business, you may not have the resource for this. But it doesn’t mean you can’t optimize this powerful platform to support your marketing campaign. You can always hire posting service for this platform.

I believe you already realize the real power of Craigslist and the prospect this platform can deliver to your business. That’s why you need to handle this very seriously. For marketing campaign on Craigslist, you need the best service provider and there’s no better name to recommend than Cheap Craigslist Posting Service. This is the leading service provider specializing in ad posting on Craigslist at the most affordable rate. But it isn’t just another provider of this kind of service. This one offers you many advantages and superior services.

Cheap Craigslist Posting Service is ready to help your marketing campaign with its expert ad posting service. It has professional team dedicated to the campaign preparing the right strategy on which thread and category to post the ad, scheduling the posting, tracking and follow up the post, and many more. This team can handle bulk post and multiple categories seamlessly with proven result. You will notice significant increasing on sales leads. Don’t miss this great opportunity. Visit the website to learn more.

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Principles of Consumers’ Behavior

In this article, you will understand under which kind of pressure people make choice.

Consumer’s Logic: Basis for Marketing

Even if you are not a businessman or producer, you definitely think of choices you have made in your life. Earlier we wrote about specialties of consumer behavior in social networking and explained why sport became a second religion. Here you will know why consumers’ behavior is still an unexplored field, but it is very powerful tool for entrepreneurs in marketing. The psychology of buying is a deep science, which everyone faces during his or her life.

Color and Emotion

Do you remember when in childhood your friend often asked you about your favorite color? Probably, your boyfriend knows about the kind of flowers you adore or your wife stably buys you blue shirts. Other people want to know the palette of colors you like because they can bring you pleasure in different ways. The same story is happening in the psychology of choosing a wrap. Women like red lipstick, dresses, heels, cars and other stuff because such color excites our java. All doctors have the white or at least light uniform because sociologists counted that we trust people in white more than in black. We can hate or adore a type of captions and be anxious about the logo of some company. Look at your chat – there you will find funny smiles or stickers. Do not relax, as these are the triggers, which influence our psychology. Colors are connected with our emotions and producers try to put passion in any kind of product, and this should be used in marketing.

Profitable Lack

Each person wants to feel special, but not all can find their uniqueness inside. You can see it even on the example of sharing information. Psychologists say that we read and consume extra information for telling it to other people. If you do not have someone to show it, you might not want it at all. If in social networking people will not see from whom they get likes, they would not feel value. There is a season menu in each restaurant. Of course, in some way it is created to use popular products of this period. However, it is made to make people think they will never try it if do not buy the dish immediately. For example, such successful and profitable marketing strategy applies to the seasonal menu and extra propositions. People want to have something limited even if this Christmas overcharges cacao from McDonald’s.


Producers like to raise the price of the production as a marketing means to make it more valuable. And people want to feel valuable and to have prestigious things around them. Nowadays, there is some cult of coffee and you can enjoy it in every corner of the city. But young people, who are studying and working, usually sit in a café with minimalistic design and very expensive coffee. Also, there are hundreds of types, sorts, and variations of the drink. It seems there is something wrong in the psychology of people, who are ready to pay enormous money just for a cup of strange coffee. However, young people like such places because there they can get values. Earlier they haven’t been told about the necessity of good Wi-Fi, comfortable seats, plenty of sockets and fashionable audience around, and now all these become the tools of marketing. Research on this may be ordered at

Feeling of Involvement

Several decades ago, the meaning of word ‘’volunteer’’ was not known. Such unpaid variant of profession became popular because all of us psychologically want to be a part of something. For sure, there are people, who treat the society with prejudice and do not trust unfamiliar people. However, the phenomenon of volunteering started to spread because everyone wanted to be a part of something important. Such a tool is called involving. Psychologists are convinced that when someone says to a person that his contribution is valuable, the communication is immediately established. That it is why businessmen worry about a comment on their goods and ask each buyer about a review to develop the best marketing strategy.

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Modern Marketing

From this topic, you will learn how to popularize and promote your business by different tools from the field of modern marketing.

An Influence on Feelings

Time is passing and many previous things from old strategies of marketing are not useful anymore. People become more dependable on social thoughts and approvals. Community trusts entrepreneurs who always do research of innovations and gives them some social values. Modern marketing is a field of triggers, throughout which a producer influences a consumer.

Leading Opinion

You have to create social value and make people think they need it while developing a marketing strategy. Of course, leading social networks is not an easy action; that deserves a certain amount of efforts. It might be stressful, funny, entertaining and informative. As an owner, you understand the market and the needs of the audience. However, you cannot make constant research of novelty and earlier used variants. However, it can be done for you by the blogger. You can locate this section on the website and promote the link to textin social networks. The situation with blogging is a little bit different, as there is an independent author, who writes the statements. It looks like the voice of successful consumer from the society. Community orients on such leaders of opinion as they attentively do research and analyze all advantages and disadvantages.


As an owner of business, you should always keep an eye on clients’ needs and desires while working on marketing. That is why you need a survey for the site after a successful deal or sociological sample to gather all reviews and sort them. When you have clients’ information in your hands, you should use it for your benefit. It means that you should make a research of your permanent, random and rarely clients. Gather their emails and phone numbers. Everything depends on available supply that you need to popularize. Make a different type of letters for each kind of client and find out their main features. Do not use ordinary templates in case you want to promote sales or hot deals. Do not disturb clients with email and message garbage, but let them keep a thought about you in their minds. You should determine regularity, with which you are going to content plan and take actions.

Video Checkups

The majority of people likes to learn new information and be an insider of the process. Give them such a possibility by providing video checkups of your product as a good way of marketing. Even if you do not sell physical goods, you can make the interview with leaders of thoughts and several qualified specialists. Make analyzes of clients reviewlike they do here and research about what more they want to get. Like most of the video bloggers, you might use You-Tube. Also, there is such type of video, as a vine. It is a short-lasted motion video with an influential amount of information. By the way, you can make just a promotional video, but do not expect people will watch it from morning until night. You should show consumers your product inside the process and make them get the feeling of implication.

Social Portrait

The main task for an entrepreneur is to catch the fashion of social media in marketing and use it for benefits of his goods. Make deep research of client’s needs in order to attract him. Use Instagram to make good and fashionable photos of your production. You should have a page of your company on LinkedIn if you want to be represented as a business unit and have a possibility to find future workers. For sure, on the backend of your site, you should see the statistic of attendance, its rise, and downturn. In case you do not have a site, you should look and analyze a number of likes, comments, and subscribers on your page. Pinterest is a place, where you can give interesting and fascinating content for people, who want to deepen their knowledge of your business. Twitter is a good way to keep in connection with similar projects and famous consumers. The Internet audience likes jokes, fresh forms, and understandable information.

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Market Demand for Energy -Efficient Commercial Fridges

The growing hospitality sector and food retail sector require large-scale installation of refrigeration units. This is not a phenomenon that is exclusive to the Western world. China, Thailand, India and Indonesia all have booming convenience food service restaurants that all require refrigeration units. Given the climate in these countries, the energy demand is likely to be high.

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The commercial refrigerator market in the Asia Pacific region is predicted to rise at a staggering 9.8% CAGR between 2016 and 2024. At the same time, concerns regarding global warming and environmental damage are fuelling the demand more efficient refrigeration technologies.

Why Do Fridges Use So Much Energy?

There are plenty of tips for operating your fridge more efficiently. The most obvious are not placing it next to a heat source and checking the door seals for signs of wear and tear. However, even when these guidelines are followed, a fridge will use a lot of energy. Solid door refrigeration has to work very hard to maintain large quantities of food at below 40 C in hot commercial food environments.

When you purchase a refrigeration unit from a supplier such as, you can select an energy-efficient model to cut down your company’s carbon footprint.

Choosing an Energy-Efficient Commercial Fridge

The commercial food market is demanding more energy-efficient refrigeration. Information regarding the energy-efficiency of a new fridge will be readily available from the supplier. Before making a choice, it is important to consider how much of the product will need to be stored during busy periods and for how long.

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Companies can calculate the capital expenditure a well as running costs over the predicted life time of the appliance and work out the most cost-effective option. This can be done by finding the total energy consumption for the appliance for a year. This is located in the usual supplier information for the particular model. Multiply this by how much is paid for 1 kWh of electricity – this is indicated on electricity bills. Then multiply this by the predicted time that the appliance will last before it needs to be replaced.

Energy-efficient models use new technology and may be more expensive to buy. However, when you factor in the reduction in annual running costs, they may cost a business less over time.

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Gold Buyers : The modern way to sell old gold items

Societies love for gold will ensure as long as we are alive, for thousands of years people from all cultures have valued gold above all else, and although today we mainly see gold in terms of gold jewellery, gold’s value is still unchanged for hundreds of years.

Wealth is often displayed today using gold jewellery, silver items, and diamonds. In some cases, even rare precious metals like platinum, palladium and rhodium are worn as jewellery or kept for value in bullion bars and coins.

Gold however is unique in its rarity, but also in its ease of casting, it can easily be formed to make gold jewellery and coins, it is also highly reactive, making it great for computer components and gold plating. This factor means that the majority of gold sold on the market does not have as high a premium added over the true value of the metal, hence as currency becomes more available, the value of gold rises in relation to this, what you buy with 1 ounce of gold today, is roughly the same you could have bought with an ounce of gold 100 years ago.

While we like to collect gold and gold jewellery, there comes times when the gold becomes faded, scratched, damaged or just simply out of date with modern fashion or requirements, at this point many people look to sell gold jewellery, this however has its own problems, as many small shopping strips with gold buyers shops located in them, only offer you around 30% to 60% of the true value of your gold.

Hence the best way to sell your gold is a reputable gold buyer, to do this, find out the true value of gold at the current market rate online, and then call around a few shops asking the price they pay for a 1 ounce bar of gold. Find the one that offers the closet to this and deal with them directly.

Finding old gold at home or in the workplace

The most common way to find gold at home is in the form of jewellery, old gold coins (anything pre-1960 often contains gold), sometimes people have small gold bullion bars and coins they collected decades earlier, which are often worth a lot more now.

The main way to make money from this gold is if you have held it for more than 10 years, it is likely worth more now that what you originally paid for it. The longer gold is held the higher the value will rise, as currency is constantly being printed, this means money itself looses value, but gold does not.

Other ways to find gold is in the workplace, if the IT department is throwing out old computers, you can remove the CPU microprocessors from these, and the pins underneath them are often made of pure gold. You can get upto 1 gram of gold per processor, this is upto $40 USD from each computer!

When getting cash for gold however, always remember to shop around and find the most trustworthy seller, ensure they pay the closest to the current gold price as possible, and reject any other companies who sell for far less.

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