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What Your Public Locker Preference Says About Your Personality

Sure, you may be a Gemini with a resting moon in Saturn, and Mulan is definitely the Disney princess that speaks to you. I’m sure that your name does mean perseverance and grace… in some language. But have you ever stopped to wonder what your locker preference says about you?

Lockers are EVERYWHERE. Whether you realize it or not, you probably use at least one type of locker daily, or near daily, in your life. Depending on what type of locker you use (and there are literally thousands), can say some pretty genuine things about who you are. Don’t believe us? Read on my skeptical friend.


Gym Lockers

    You’re a dedicated and loyal person. High energy and charismatic makes you the best friend to have.


Anyone who uses a Gym locker on a daily basis is more loyal than most humans, or dogs for that matter. Sticking to a gym membership is one of the expert level adult dedication tasks.  Whether you do it for your health, or just to look at your instructors butt, you still do it. And that’s what matters.


Tech Lockers

    Quiet, contemplative, and maybe a little withdrawn. You’re the savvy wallflower.


Whether you use your locker to stow your laptop or charge your phone, you’re the type of person that has an app for that, hell, you probably wrote it. You constantly have your finger on the pulse of what’s coming next in the wide world of technology, even if society doesn’t quite get it.

Drug Lockers

    Where are all my nurses at?! You’re tired, mostly grumpy, and run solely on caffeine, but you have a heart of pure gold.


You’re the type of person that wears their heart on their sleeve, and that sleeve is made of some pretty hefty material. You’re fierce and dependable. If any one ever needs anything, you’re the go to, whether it’s for advice, or a shoulder to cry on.

Safe Lockers

    Secretive, but shrewd. You’re ready for anything at anytime. If the boy scouts had boy scouts, you’d be that boy scout.


Ready for anything doesn’t even begin to start to describe who you are. If Macgyver and Liam Neeson had a baby, that would be you. You feel most a peace when you’re prepared for whatever this world will throw at you. Steely in constitution and always ready to help someone out of a jam.

Food Storage Lockers

    You’re incredibly clean. Almost at compulsion. You have a quick temper, but a drive to get everything done efficiently. You’re fast and reliable.


Even if your own home isn’t impeccable, everything else in your life is squeaky clean. You know exactly what you need and just how to get it. You may have a bit of a temper, but it’s your sense of humor that keeps the whole world coming back to you for more.

Travel Lockers

    You are a free spirit that goes pretty much wherever the wind takes you. Low maintenance and low key, there are few things that tether you to this earthly plane.


You are not one for massive amounts of luggage or posh hotels. You don’t spend money on items, but money on time. You love living life by your own rules and seeing the world through your own eyes. Everything is an experience and one that you’re excited to have.

Uniform Lockers

    Your life revolves largely around your career. You’re driven and intelligent, and use those skills to your advantage often.


You’re almost habitually clean and punctual. Few things really ruffle your feathers. You tend to take the logical approach to most problems, and believe that few things can’t be solved through the power of calm conversation. Some people view you as stoic, but once a person gets to know you, you are open with your emotions and thoughts.

Waterproof Lockers

    You’re the wild child. Always up for adventure. You never know what comes next and that suits you just fine.


Whether you’re surfing, stowing scuba gear, or just putting up your swimsuit for the day, you’re always ready for the next adventure. You know better than anyone that smooth seas don’t make a skilled sailor and you handle all your problems with tranquil tact and grace.


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