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5 Questions to Ask Your Employees to Keep Them Satisfied

A happy employee is one who is actively involved in your company and plays an important role in the performance of the company. This is a very big reason why the happiness of employees should be monitored. Asking your employees certain questions can help you to gauge their happiness or unhappiness as the case may be. It is very important to take action when you have the answers to the questions you ask or you will not be able to influence employee engagement. Want to find out if your employees are happy with their jobs? Ask them these questions:

  1. Are you Proud to be an Employee of This Company?

An employee that takes pride in the company that they work for is a happy one. It is important to create a culture where employees interact with one another as a team. This helps to inspire them to work together, but they also need support from managers to ensure that they are moving in the right direction.

  1. Do You Feel Strongly Valued at your Job?

An employee needs regular recognition and feedback to understand what an employer’s expectations are. When an employee completes a large project they should be recognized for their valuable contribution to that project so that they feel valued. Everyone wants to feel needed and wanted, and recognition is an important part of that.

  1. Are You Satisfied with Your Benefits and Compensation?

Most employees are told when they are first hired what their salary and benefit package is. What happens after that point is not always good. Employers don’t regularly follow-up with employees to see if they are happy with their pay and benefits. Every employee should receive a regular review with adequate compensation if they have been with your company for a substantial amount of time. Consider what is a fair rate of pay and what it would cost your company to replace that employee if they left.

  1. Do you Feel That you Have Opportunities to Grow and Advance with our Company?

Employees need to feel that they have a future with your company. Offer them options to do that by providing them with those opportunities to grow and move to higher positions with more perks and pay. This gives them something to strive for which will encourage them to stay with your company.

  1. Do You Feel Supported by Your Manager?

Employees need to be supported by their direct in command. If an employee feels that they do not have the support of their manager then they start to feel undervalued and out of place.

It is important to ask your employees these questions on a regular basis to understand the culture of their work environment. You can ask these questions in a survey which can be answered anonymously if that is more comfortable for employees (if you have a large company). You need to review the responses of your employees and take the appropriate action or there is no value in asking these questions.


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